It is the first in China to replace the port,high-end intelligent,high-speed and efficient

Source:Jiangyin Ganghong Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd Release time:2021-06-08 16:55:38 Author:984

In response to the needs of many manufacturers for high-speed and high-precision sauce filling production lines, replacing imported machines and reducing machine maintenance costs, our company has specially developed high-efficiency and intelligent high-speed rotary piston sauce filling machines and rotary high-speed vacuum rotary machines. Capping machine, filling machine from 16 to 50 for users to choose; vacuum capping machine from 6 to 20 for users to choose. The research and development of this high-speed filling line is the first in China, and it has also applied for an invention patent. At the same time, our company is also the first equipment supplier in China to replace the imported sauce filling machine.