Screw subpackage, weighing and rehydration series filling production line for peanut, mustard and olive

Source:Jiangyin Ganghong Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd Release time:2021-06-08 17:09:56 Author:1018

According to the characteristics of crushed peanuts, mustard tubers, olive vegetables and other materials, the particles are large and hard, or long and soft, which cannot be achieved by ordinary filling methods. In order to solve this problem, our company has specially developed screw filling and measuring cups. Metering combined filling machine; in order to cut off the air and protect the material, after filling the main material, it must be filled by the weighing and refueling machine, so that the oil can completely cover the bottle mouth, so as to meet the corresponding national food standards and ensure that each bottle The weight of this filling production line is reasonable, the automation degree is high, and the product qualification rate is high. It is an ideal choice for many food condiment manufacturers.