Pepper powder, spicy powder, five spice powder, cumin powder and other screw sub packaging series flling production line;

Source:Jiangyin Ganghong Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd Release time:2021-06-09 08:57:26 Author:1119

Our company has specially developed the corresponding powder filling production line for the automatic filling needs of pepper, spicy powder, five-spice powder, cumin powder and other granules and powders. The screw is used for packaging, with high precision and wide application range; Head online filling machine, to high-speed rotary multi-head filling machine, to meet the different needs of many users; each single unit synthetic automatic production line, from bottle unscramble, filling, capping, labeling, boxing, palletizing, the whole line is automated It fully meets the food GMP hygiene requirements, reduces production personnel, reduces production costs, allows manufacturers to easily achieve large-scale production, and enhances the competitiveness of enterprises; it has been well received by many manufacturers.