Soy sauce, vinegar, oil consumption, linseed oil, olive oil, salad oil, seasoning wine and other fluid series fling production line

Source:Jiangyin Ganghong Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd Release time:2021-06-09 09:29:54 Author:1473

In response to the needs of various soy sauce, vinegar, oyster sauce, flax oil, olive oil, salad oil, seasoning wine, sesame oil, chili oil and other production enterprises,
Our company has developed a filling production line specially used for oils with good fluidity, whether it is soy sauce, vinegar, or a certain sticky
Consistency, sesame oil that is easy to hang on the wall, and fuel consumption are all matched with corresponding models; models range from linear, rotary, split, and two-in-one,
Three-in-one machine for selection; filling methods include self-flow, piston quantitative, weighing, and vacuum; the production capacity ranges from 1000 bottles per hour to
Full coverage of 10,000 bottles/hour; all parts in contact with the material are made of 316L or food-grade tetrafluoroethylene without plasticizer; package
Including all sealing materials are food-grade hygiene requirements, fully in line with food GMP requirements. Engineers plan at the production enterprise site, and the production workers
The art is reasonable and humane, and has been well received by many condiment manufacturers.