Jar capping machine

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Product Introduction

This machine is specially used for the rolling process of various aluminum caps of glas
This machine is a kind of rotary high-speed capping
machine, which can be turned into a capping machine after replacing the capping head. It is a general-purpose model of multi-huncton capps· * machine comes with an aluminum cover capping machine, aluminum cover feed cover rail, 6 head capping mainframe, and it is stable and rehable operation with high pass rate and good effect.

Main performance parameters
1. Production capacity : 50 - 100fE5/S(Bottles/min)
2. Scope of application : f*t(Different kinds of aluminum cover ) 3. IjE/Power : 2.5KW
4. Air pressure : 0.7MPa
5. Dimensions : 1800X1600X2600mm
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