Unscramble bottle

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Product Introduction

This machine adopts PLC (programmable controller) and touch screen for operation control.
Through the touch screen, all parameters of the device can be modified, and the device speed is controlled by frequency conversion.
For different specifications of the bottle, just replace the turntable in the barrel. and the other can be adjusted according to the scale indication.

Main performance parameters
1.Production speed :50- 1000ml 4800-9000(Bottles/hour)
2.Тhе bоttlе dіаmеtеr: ФЗ0mm -Ф100mm
3.The height of the bottle : 100-250mm
4.Power supply : AV380V 50HZ
5.Total work library : 2.2KW
6.Dimensions: 30001500×1500mm
7.Weight : 1300kg

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