Unscramble turntable

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Product Introduction

The rotary table of the machine is used for the rotary motion, so that the bottleenters the conveyor belt in sequence under the action of the rotary tangentialforce,
and is matched with the packaging production line,thereby achieving thepurpose of saving labor and improving production efficiency.
This machine isready for use and easy to operate. It can be widely used in daily glass bottles,plastic bottles and polyester bottles. It is an ideal auxiliary equipment for large,medium and small production workshops.

Main performance parameters
1.Applicable bottle diameter : Ф40mm~ Ф100mm
2.Working turntable diameter : Ф1200mm
3.Power requirements : AC220V 50HZ
4.The whole machine power : 1.5KW
5.Production capacity : 60~ 120P/min
7.Weight : 300kg

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